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My husband and I have driven the backroads of the Laurel Highlands to Powdermill Nature Reserve to visit one of the oldest bird banding stations in the country. With its forests, ponds, wetlands, and thickets, the Rector facility, field station of... Read more »
The dirt lanes off the Quehanna Highway probably weren’t just what the doctor ordered. Sure, the solitude and silence of these winding paths was welcoming. The towering trees standing along the two-lane road, soundless sentinels guarding each... Read more »
There’s that little bed & breakfast where he first whispered the words, “I love you.” There’s the fireplace where the two of you curled up beside and whispered dreams of your future together. And then there’s that hot stone massage where you... Read more »
Skytop Lodge’s Valentine’s Special includes a complimentary upgrade to a mini-suite, wine tasting, and a romantic dinner for two, in addition to turn-down service, delectable Skytop chocolates and fresh flowers. Don’t sleep through a hearty... Read more »
The eagle spread its wings — its six-plus-foot wingspan looked improbably wide — and I felt a chill as this massive raptor glared at me with a fierce frown. My momentary fear was absurd, as bald eagles do not attack humans. But even so, I stood very... Read more »
Imagine creating your perfect life, doing the things you love the most — every day. For Pennsylvania native and longtime fisherman Grant Genzlinger, living his dream comes by way of owning the historic Settlers Inn at Bingham Park in Hawley, PA. The... Read more »
I picture registration to be filled with 20-something jocks, periodically dropping down for 100 pushups — à la Muscle Beach. But the group I see registering for the sojourn at the campground could be my family, a mix of young and middle-aged and... Read more »
During its industrial heyday, Pennsylvania had more miles of railroad track beds that once transported shipments of steel, coal and passengers now carry families, groups and couples on bicycles. The state's Rails-to-Trails program has made it... Read more »
Long before the Philadelphia Union professional soccer club began playing at their home field in Chester in 2010, a band of enthusiastic fans had already formed.The Sons of Ben organized in 2007, more than a year before the region was awarded the... Read more »
Discover the talent and artistry of the people of Northern Pennsylvania along one of the nation's first transcontinental highways: US Route 6. Pack the car, fill up the gas tank, and get ready to explore the art - fine, folk, and everything in... Read more »


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